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Informationen für Incomings

Information for Incomings

Welcome to the Department of Cultural Anthropology and Folklore!


Nomination by your home university and registration at the University of Bonn

Please consider that only students who have been nominated officially by their home universities are allowed to register online.

Without this registration you will NOT be able to enroll at the University of Bonn. Please print out this registration form and get it signed by your coordinator at your home university. The signed version of the document must be sent to us (see Erasmus contact person below, do NOT send it to the International Office) within the deadline of our Department.

After this you will receive further information about accommodation possibilities, service offers and German courses from the International Office.


Erasmus contact at the Department of Cultural Anthropology and Folklore

The Erasmus program at the University of Bonn is organized in a decentralized way: The advice on academic matters is carried out by the Erasmus office at the Department of Cultural Anthropology and Folklore. Any question on Welcome Service, German courses or accommodation should be sent directly to the International Office. 

All administrative (departmental) matters: Valeska Flor (Erasmus contact at the department)

  • Signing of the Certificate of Stay and Learning Agreement
  • Issuing of the Transcript of Records 
  • Consultancy of course selection


Valeska Flor

Abteilung Kulturanthropologie

Universität Bonn

Am Hofgarten 22

D - 53113 Bonn

E-Mail: vflor[@]uni-bonn[.]de


Service offered by the International Office 

We recommend you to enroll for the Welcome Week of the International Office. There you will receive important information about the university as well as life in Bonn. Furthermore, you will be officially registered. 

If you want to apply for a room in a student's residence of the Studentenwerk Bonn (relatively inexpensive) please apply online on the website of the Studierendenwerk: As soon as you receive the confirmation e-mail for your room you have to transfer the bail and first month's rent to the account of the Studierendenwerk. Otherwise, your reservation will be cancelled. 

All Erasmus students are invited to take part in a german language course provided by the International Office. More information can be found on the pages of the International Office.


Language requirement at the Department of Cultural Anthropology and Folklore

German is the main language of instruction at the University of Bonn, but especially in the master's program "Transcultural Studies" there are courses taught in English as well. Details about German and English requirements of the different departments can be found here.


Courses and ECTS

The whole course offer at the University of Bonn is available in the lecture listings (BASIS). Taking into account that you have the status of an Erasmus student you will not be able to register to the courses in the same way as other students in Bonn. First, you must choose the courses that you want to attend and establish a Learning Agreement with your home university. You are allowed to select courses within the whole Faculty of Arts (Philosophische Fakultät), but it is obligatory to take at least one course from the Department of Cultural Anthropology and Folklore. After that, you should inform the instructors before the start of the semester or during the first lecture about your wish to attend their classes. After written and oral examinations, submitted Papers (essay, Modulabschlussarbeit, Lernportfolio, etc.) as well as after the simple attendance of a course you have to ask the responsible instructors for giving you a certificate (Schein) proving the result (Leistungsnachweis) or the simple attendance (Teilnahmeschein) and the number of ECTS. Blank certificates are available at the Erasmus-office or the secretary's office of the Department of Cultural Anthropology and Folklore. A copy of all certificates has to be submitted to the Erasmus-Office of the department so that at the end of your Erasmus stay in Bonn the Transcript of Records can be issued on the basis of the certificates you handed in.

!!! Please consider that each department has its own system! Therefore, we recommend you to contact the respective department for any further information! !!!